About us


Welcome to H-Cube Solutions,
a leader in hydrogen energy technology

A pioneer of hydrogen society
H-Cube Solutions aims to accelerate the implementation of a hydrogen society by providing highly accurate and reliable fuel cell/electrolysis stack and system solutions. H-Cube Solutions is a high-tech company with excellent experts and unrivaled technology in the field of fuel cell/electrolysis stacks and systems. By providing an integrated solution for the rapid settlement of fuel cell/electrolysis technology, which plays a key role in the journey to a hydrogen society, we would like to take a step forward into a hydrogen society together with our customers who join the hydrogen industry.
A company providing a differentiated level of integrated solutions
H-Cube Solutions’ differentiated integrated solutions enable customers to maximize the performance and durability of their fuel cell/electrolysis stacks and systems. By utilizing our complex consulting function that includes stack design/evaluation/certification and innovative platform that encompasses system design/analysis/control/prediction, our customers will be able to implement an optimal stack and system that goes beyond the limitations of existing technologies.
A companion making a leap forward with customers
Based on the end-to-end solutions provided by H-Cube Solutions, we together can quickly overcome the technical challenges faced by customers and further advance the technological maturity of fuel cell/electrolysis stacks and systems. We are waiting for you to make an infinite leap forward by realizing future values together.

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