System Solution

System solution
powered by digital twin

Our system solutions provides digital twin solutions for optimal system design/control and diagnosis/prediction

System design and optimization
  • Designing and analyzing various SOFC/SOEC systems and their hybrid systems
  • Optimizing the system for its best performance
Highly reliable models
  • Providing highly reliable stack and BoP(Balance of Plant) models
  • Validating the models through experiment results to ensure high fidelity
Determination of key design variables
  • Identifying key stack and BoP design variables that are best for the designed system
Intuitive User Interface
  • Maximizing connectivity introducing a user-friendly intuitive GUI
Real-time control of the integrated system
  • Providing feedback control through integration with real-time operating system
  • Accumulating system operation data for system diagnosis/prediction
AI-based diagnosis/prediction
  • Enabling system status diagnosis and prediction through big-data and physical model-driven AI technology
  • Providing real-time optimal control based on diagnosis results
  • Extending system life with optimal operating conditions and failure avoidance operating logic

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